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Rent the FLIBS Archway for your next festival or event. Contact Emily Pinnell for pricing & arraignments. 


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This project was a collaboration between Show Management and Emily Pinnell for the 2016 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. After submitting her design, Emily was selected amongst other artists to design and build the structure in exchange for exposure and the rights to the archway. 

Roy Merritt from Merritt Boat & Engine Works and Mark Minor from Custom Fabrication were generous supporters of the project and provided valuable space, equipment, and knowledge. Miner and Rick Salway from XL Catlin Insurance also contributed to the cost of materials.    

The archway was inspired by the South Florida sport fishing lifestyle. The sculptural entrance way is 19ft. tall and 23 ft. wide. It was fabricated using aluminum, steel, cement and vinyl canvas. The archway is multi-purpose and can be used during special events for crowed control, advertising, and promotion. The canvases are interchangeable and can be customized to suit any event. 


Since FLIBS, the Archway has been used to celebrate new boat launchings at Merritt’s Boat and Engine Works and it also welcomed the public at the Deerfield Beach 37th Annual Festival of the Arts and 2017 Pompano Beach Seafood Festival. The Archway can be rented for your next event.



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FLIBS 2016

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